(arranged for groups, 1/2 to full-day session) for DOGS/HORSES.

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The Workshops consist of a human section and an animal-human learning section. There are three-types of workshops. The first is a prerequisite before attending the others:

AnimalSign Language Workshops: Foundation, Behavior, Games

1) Foundation Communication Skills (required first)

This foundation class focuses on teaching humans and animals the foundation principles and AnimaSigns for better communication. The human learns to recognize natural communications and how to respond appropriately. The animal learns to behave (and enjoy doing so), respond to your instructions, and communicate in details its essential needs, wants, and fun requests/comments (such as Water, Food, Toy, Pay Attention, and other AnimalSigns). Additional Custom AnimalSigns learned depend on the human-canine needs and purpose (companion, service, working).

2) Communicate for Positive Behavior & Skills

The Behavior class focuses on communication that enables appropriate behavior. I examine the behavior issues you have and behaviors you want. With that I develop and implement a plan to achieve the goals. I teach you and your animal new skills using positive, effective approaches. Foundation skills are essential.

3) AnimalTap: Communication Games for Enrichment, Rehabilitation, Service

The Games class focuses on teaching extensive communication through a novel easy tools called K9Tap/EquineTap. Both you and your animal will learn to communicate, play, and work with each other with AnimalTap. It’s easy, fun, and can provide enhanced communication to a working service human-animal team. The communication method is easy as it does not require much movement. Animals in rehabilitation from injury, at rescues waiting for adoption, handicapped in various ways (deaf, blind, old) or just plain bored can use AnimalTap for mental stimulation, increasing intelligence, interacting with their human, or just plain fun. Foundation skills are essential.

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