WHAT’S NEW at AnimalSign

LOTS is NEW in 2016!   We have asked what you wanted, and now we are giving it to you.

We are launching our new services to the AnimalSigning Community: new services and products, including new ways to learn to sign (online teleseminars, webinars, E-COURSE, books, YouTube, and LIVE WORKSHOPS.


*Consulting (online, phone, in person)


*Workshops: Live Training on both coasts: New York, Los Angeles, Carmel and San Jose.

New Services launch – 2016

*Crowdfunding launch this September, 2016 for next book on signing for special dogs and their people. ‘Special Signs for Special Dogs‘  Pre-orders begin in 2016. More on that soon.

*Horse Book on EquineSign: Special Signs for Special Bonds.

*Cards to match the books.

*First ONLINE e-course on First Signs this fall.


This also means we will be hiring really soon! Check our site in August for upcoming positions.


Check our research division www.animalsigninstitute.org for the research plans studying what is going on in the body and brain of signing animals.

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