(by appt) for private or group, one-hour multi-sessioned plan. These are tailored for your level and needs.

AnimalSign Language (K9Sign/EquineSign/FelineSign)

  • Foundation Standard AnimalSign (as described in my books)
  • Customized AnimalSign (made for you and your pet) – order signs you want your pet to know.
  • AnimalTap with minimal movements needed for multiple signs.

Polite Pet (Manners through Communication)

K9Sign for Autistic Children and Their Dogs.

Dogs/Horses and Their People facing Challenges (Autism, Hearing, Speech, Physical, Emotional, Psychological, etc.)


Sean Senechal offers AnimalSign consulting services for communication, enrichment, and therapy. This is beneficial for humans, dogs, horses, cats, elephants, and other animals, too. She provides Manners through Communication lessons when needed. Utilizing the most advanced, positive-training techniques (including Applied Behavior Analysis) she aims to achieve trusting relationships and results.

Consulting can be in person, by phone, or web for the following topics:

AnimalSign Language:

  • Standard AnimalSign (as described in Sean’s books)
  • Customized AnimalSign – made just for you and your pet.
  • AnimalTap – for animals with large vocabularies, or who are older, or in rehabilitation.

For these people and animals:

Individual or families with animals.

People with challenges (language, psychological, physical). This includes autistic, traumatized,
or with visual, hearing issues.

Animals with challenges (sensory, psychological, physical). This includes deaf, blind, fearful, or
rescued animals.

Animal Clubs, Groups, Rescue Organizations.

ZOOs and Sanctuaries (for horses, elephants, others).

Senior Assisted Living Spaces, with or without animals.

Human individuals/organizations improving human-to-human communication and behavior.

Do you know another animal species or human group that could benefit from enhanced communication? Contact Sean to find out how she can help.