ASAnimalBANNERWelcome to AnimalSign where you can learn  what your animals are saying, how to enhance  communication with them, and improve your ability to ‘read’ them. Animals can gesture, vocalize, and sign to you!                       Want help now?check Services and Products.

Babies use Baby Sign®, gorillas use Gorilla Sign, and now domestic animals can use AnimalSign. They can sign, too! Signing is NOT just for primates anymore!
AnimalSign is an umbrella term covering various tools and methods to increase communication: gestural, vocal, pictured language animals learn to communicate TO you, more than they already do.
AnimalSign expands the natural & learned communication skills: gesturing, tapping, visual, and vocal methods.
  •  Enriches companion, service, assistance, working, rescue, and sanctuary/zoo animals’ lives.
  •  Enhances interspecies communication, trust, bonding, and relationships.
  •  Promotes polite behavior through communication-based understanding and training.

The AnimalSign Center’s mission is to enhance the capability of companion and captive animals (dogs, horses, cats, elephants) to learn and use a language made for their body type to communicate better with humans. The benefits first and foremost for the animals,  and then humans.

To teach AnimalSign to animals to enhance their relationships , home life, and service careers.

To teach AnimalSign to humans to help enhance their relationships, bonding and appreciation of the cognition of animals.

To promote the practical use of signing animals in their personal and professional lives, aiding humans and animals.

Founded by Sean Senechal, MA , The AnimalSigner!