Enhancing Communication, Improving Behavior, and Enriching Relationships between Animals and Humans

We educate both humans and animals how to enhance 2-way communication which facilitates behavior modification. Humans learn to recognize, respond, teach, and modify animal communications. Animals learn to communicate more clearly using their natural language, as well as learn a new communication tool- AnimalSign. It provides mental stimulation, a fun way to manage behavior, and enhanced skills for companionship, service, or sport. This enriches activities, bonding, relationships, understanding, and well-being.
We offer many ways to educate on human-animal communication.

LIVE:  Training, Coaching, Speaking Engagements, Workshops, Classes, most often in California, unless specially arranged.  See  EVENTS for upcoming engagements.


Sean offers private day-long Personal Coaching for you and your pets. She’ll focus on your needs improving two-way communication, behavior issues, and well-being. You’ll get intensive positive and supportive coaching to improve you and your pets’ relationship and skills. Before the visit, you’ll have a phone session to prepare you for the upcoming in person activities. Sean will prepare a special plan. She will travel to your home/office/site. There, she’ll observe activities and behaviors, then make recommendations and train you and your dog as needed (behavior, communication, skills). You’ll learn skills to maintain the new learning. Though intense, the live session includes breaks, lunch, and processing time. Following the visit, Sean will check in for 3 weekly video/talk sessions to keep you moving forward as you work independently.
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Sean guides you through private lessons and group classes or workshops teaching you communication (both natural and AnimalSign) and manners (behavior management) as you work through behavioral issues. Teaching manners through communication (for dogs, horses, and cats) is engaging and fun. Sean uses many techniques, including the most positive and productive Applied Behavior Analysis protocols.

The trainings are customized to address your needs.
1. The Workshops consist of training in three-types of Foundation Communication Skills.
2. Communication for Positive Behavior & Skills,
3. Communication Games for Enrichment, Rehabilitation, Service


ONLINE: Teleseminars, Webinars, Check out EVENTS. 

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TeleSeminar on Introductory Lesson in Signing! in AnimalSign (with video available)

Coming Winter 2014: Online Courses Programs, including Certification for AnimalSign Trainers.


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