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Horse and Dog Signing

Sept already has been very busy.

We completed a fabulous 3-day photo shoot with incredible equine photographer Charles Hilton

Princess was at liberty and cooperative, but tired by the end of the session, she still wanted more.

A client with a mustang rescue was of particular interest to him, as he has taken incredible photos of wild mustangs. One group is in Ca at Dreamcatcher

The mustangs have been rounded up and their herd is at risk.

Dogs Can Sign, Too. The new dog book is out, and going on the road to several bookstores to demonstrate signing with the new puppy StarLight (BC). Chal gets to show locally, StarLight is for on the road, at least now.

Workshop in Carmel at TheRawConnection occurring at the end of the month. Always exciting to meet new people, with their own reasons for expanding communication.

Working closely with Pastel, who loves to move a lot! She is very interested in FelineSign and offers behaviors, in her curiousity.