Monthly Archives: October 2009

Emotional Lives of Dogs Class

Held the first of four classes on the Emotional Lives of Dogs at Cal State University, Monterey Bay. The participants (of varying professions from physics professors to veterinarians) learned about what emotion is, both the cognitive and non-cognitive aspects. We all explored exercises to try out with our own dogs regarding emotions–becoming more aware of our own emotions, and then our dogs’ emotions. It was a lively, very motivated group, with fabulous animals, that I can’t wait to meet.

Some were interested in AnimalSigning, so of course, I’ll be mentioning that.

APDT Conference DogWise Author Table

The APDT Conference in Oakland, Ca was great, with many interesting speakers. As I sat at the author table (DogWise) I chatted with Charlene (the DogWise organizer) and other authors. Sitting next to me were the authors of Through a Dog’s Ear, Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector. We exchanged works, and mutual support. Joshua expressed a phrase I hear often, that AnimalSigning is ‘revolutionary!’ He and Lisa are doing some fascinating work with the effect of sound/hearing (of music) in dogs.
Several participants chatted with me about signing, bought my book, and got a book signature. Some asked about doing workshops in their area (in other states).

The photographer from Marcus Photographs, hired by DogWise, took some pictures (which I will post on my new website coming in November).

After the conference, I drove around in my old neighborhoods in Berkeley and Rockridge stopping off at the MarketPlace near bart for some fabulous coffee and bakery goods. Not much has changed since the 90’s there.

Clayton BookShop Event Fun

Sunday, was at my booksigning at Clayton BookShop in Clayton, California. The shop was interesting and very friendly. With seats planned for about 12, my assistant Debbie counted almost 30 people (kids, male, female adults) standing room only. Chal was very subdued throughout, until she smelled the chicken I brought for her to demonstrate some food and toy signs. She livened up and signed away: Water, Liver, Food, Chicken, Chicken, Toy, Frisby!

People had many questions about signing, their dog communications, some wanted a workshop in the area, a DVD, and online groups. Yes! Coming Soon.

Will be back to the beautiful area in November for a short workshop at PetFoodExpress in Clayon, Ca. down the street.

On the way home, Debbie and I stopped off at the San Ramon Whole Foods, where we had spectacular diverse meal from the salad and hot food bar. Love Whole Foods!

The AnimalSigner!

Yahoo DogRead Sept

Sept. I was the author of the month for Dogs Can Sign, Too. It was very interesting exchanging with many new readers, hearing about their dogs and communication. I’ll be starting the Yahoo AnimalSign Group in Nov and from my current (this one) a discussion group for signers to stay in touch and exchange stories, for me to comment on. Look also for the online seminars for personal advice on you and your signing.