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Signing is Not Just for Primates Anymore

I’m piloting a wonderful ground-breaking project teaching animals (horses and dogs) to communicate, to talk, by USING learned gestures. I have made up a language FOR animals to use. I’ve taught my horse, now working with my dog, and am recruiting service, such as alerting dogs, to expand their gestural vocabulary.

This is a high expectation approach to animals and language. It opens the door to animal linguistics, to viewing animals as potential language (receptive AND productive) learners.

I’m so excited to be able to offer and develop this for service and companion dogs. Imagine what they might do with a learned skill to expand their communication.

If you know of service dogs who might want language education, please send them to www. For those interested in this revolutionary approach, I invite you to upcoming seminars, workshops, and training this Oct/Nov in the Monterey Ca. area. (To be listed in the local papers Coast Weekly and Herald.) You may also read my upcoming (on Amazon) book AnimalSign TO YOU, Imagine! Signing is Not Just for Primates Anymore.

I am an instructor (physiology and mathematics) for humans and an animal language educator/trainer for animals and their people.

Sean Senechal
AnimalSign Center
Monterey, Ca